What Are The Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors In 2022?

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Here we’re looking specifically at the smaller pull-out style makeup mirrors that mount onto a bathroom or bedroom wall. The ones you see in swanky hotels and magazines, but which are surprisingly affordable. (Larger mirror cabinet or vanity mirrors are in a separate post).

Advantages of Wall Mounted Mirrors

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to hardwire a lighted mirror. No trailing cords, no ugly leads, no dead batteries. And most of all, they look so glamorous and professional – hotel decor in your home.

They are highly manoeuvrable so you are assured of a comfortable position. No more leaning across a vanity or stooping down to a tabletop mirror. They also free up space on your tabletop.

Wall-mounted vanity mirrors are an excellent way to add light and style to your bathroom.

Wall mounted mirrors tend to be quality products that will last a lifetime. Jump straight to my recommendations.

Disadvantages of Wall Mounting

Perhaps the main drawback is the need for basic handyman skills to safely fix the mirror. And if you don’t know anyone who is comfortable with the wiring, then hiring an electrician is likely to set you back as much as the mirror itself.

A perfectly appointed bathroom

How Do I Choose The Best Wall-Mounted Mirror?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you need lighting built in to your mirror. The usual answer is “yes”. There are so many advantages to this. Honestly, once you’ve tried diffused ring-lighting, bright and without colour casts, you won’t ever be without it again. I’ve written more about lighting for makeup here.

The next question is magnification. Most wall-mounted mirrors are reversible, with a plain 1x mirror on one side. How much magnification to choose for the other side is probably the most important decision you need to get right.

If you’re young with good eyesight then go for minimal magnification such as 3-5x. Even with perfect vision you will benefit from this zoom level for eyeliner and tweezing.

If you’re older and have just started to notice your arms getting a little shorter, I would suggest 5x to 8x magnification. Seniors will appreciate 10x magnification, although be warned it takes a little getting used to. I’ve written about choosing a magnifying mirror here.

And here are some more factors to consider:

  • Hardwired vs Plugin vs Rechargeable
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Variable colour light
  • Corrosion resistant, anti fog
  • Size and diameter of mirror
  • Style, shape and finish
  • Extension arm reach and stability
  • Available space
  • Wall material and strength
  • Ease of installation

How Do I Install a wall Mounted mirror – Tips

  1. Although wall mounted vanity mirrors will freely tilt and rotate, often the height is not adjustable. So think carefully about who will be the main user, and install at their eye level.
  2. Consider the ambient room lighting, crucial if your mirror itself is not lighted.
  3. Check you can comfortably reach and store makeup products.
  4. Consider the location of power outlets (for hairdryer and mirror lights).
  5. Forget suction cups – they will fail.
  6. Forget adhesive tapes – they will fail.
  7. If at all possible, fix directly to a wall stud. These are easily found using a wall stud scanner – here’s a cheap one that will get the job done (Amzn).
  8. If you really can’t find a suitably positioned stud, then use drywall anchors, or even consider hallow-door anchors and toggle bolts for thin walls and RVs (Amzn). If the hardware that ships with the mirror looks too flimsy don’t hesitate to buy bigger anchors (ensuring of course these will still fit the mounting plate).
  9. Don’t try to eyeball the drill hole positions – if you are slightly off the asymmetry will irritate you for evermore.
  10. If your mirror mount comes with a recessed cover plate, remember to leave enough room for it i.e. don’t install it hard against a wall or cabinet edge.
  11. If that all sounds too hard, try an over-the-door mirror instead!

Best wall-mounted makeup mirrors

Almost all of my recommendations are double-sided mirrors, with one side magnified and the flip side plain (1x). The simplehuman is the exception, included because of its beautiful design and workmanship. They all have better than average extension arm length and manoeuvrability. Naturally, they use optical glass giving a flawless reflection. All these wall-mounted makeup mirrors have great reviews on Amazon. The plug-in mirrors are easily hardwired (by an electrician) if you prefer to avoid trailing cables.

If you’re going to the trouble of permanently fixing a vanity mirror to the wall (rather than freestanding), then it makes no sense to compromise on features or quality

Lighted, 5x Magnifying, Plug-in (or Hardwired)

This first cosmetic mirror has many of the features we’re looking for, at a very reasonable price. It is lighted on both sides, by flicker-free and long-lasting LED bulbs. These are at a color temperature of 6000K (natural daylight), generally regarded as the best option for makeup application. There is a neat touch sensor which controls the brightness – press and hold for continuous stepless adjustment, press once to turn on and off. There is also a seperate physical switch which you might prefer, to avoid fingerprints on the glass.

Overall build quality is high; solid metal, stiff and stable positioning, all joints can be rotated through a full 360 degrees to any angle.

There are a few cons. Compared to the other mirrors here, this has one of the shortest arm extensions, although this is still a useable 12 inches. It comes with double-sided adhesive tape as a mounting option. This is a ridiculous idea – stick to screws and plugs (also supplied).

Mirror Diameter7″ internal, 8″ external
Magnification1x and 5x
LightingLED. Dimmable. Touch screen.
PowerMains plugin
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 12″
FinishesChrome (Brushed nickel coming soon)
Weight2.65 Pounds
Total Dimensions17.35 x 1 x 12.7 inches
MountingWall Mount
Warranty30 day returnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty ??

Lighted, 5x Magnifying (One Sided), Hardwired or USB Rechargeable


The simplehuman wall-mounted makeup mirror is my favourite, despite the cost. A wall-mounted mirror will last for a very long time, so why not fit a mirror you can enjoy for years?

So why do I like it so much? We could start with the lighting, which is quite simply the best available. The color rendering index (CRI) matches natural sunlight. It seems a little “cool” to look at, but is designed to reflect the true colour of your makeup, so there are no embarrassing foundation mistakes revealed under different lighting. Further, the LED ring-light is evenly diffused, so no shadows or bright spots. The remote on-off sensor is far from a gimmick – it just works (see my full review of the simplehuman sensor mirror here for more details).

As you would expect, the build quality is excellent. The hinges are the right stiffness – the mirror stays in any position it’s placed, but is easily adjusted without force, and there’s no loosening over time. There are 5 different finishes available, all of which whisper luxury and elegance.

There are 2 power options available. I would seriously consider the cordless rechargeable version. The reason? The battery charge lasts for weeks and weeks. So you can avoid messy wires, avoid the cost of an electrician, and easily take it with you if you move house!

The most obvious seeming drawback with the simplehuman is that it is one-sided only (no plain mirror on the reverse). This won’t be a deal-breaker if you have a larger plain mirror nearby on your vanity. I would argue that the flippable mirrors are a great option if you’re limited for space, but having the luxury of an additional much larger mirror is the ideal beauty setup. My only other caution would be to position it away from the doorway, lest the sensor turns on every time someone walks by.

Mirror Diameter7″ internal, 8″ external
Magnification5x single-sided
LightingLED. Sensor on-off
PowerHard-wired or USB rechargeable
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 13.5″
FinishesBrushed stainless steel, Brass, Bronze, Polished, Rose Gold
Weight2.4 Pounds
Total Dimensions3.1 x 13.8 x 9.1 inches;
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty 5 years

Lighted, 5x Magnifying, Rechargeable

This is a much less expensive rechargeable mirror, which still has some very nice features. The most interesting is the ability to switch between 3 different LED lighting modes or temperatures. The warmer light is used for evening and party makeup. The brightness is adjustable by a touch sensor, and it powers off automatically after 30 minutes.

The main complaint is of middling charge holding – you’ll be lucky if it lasts the working week. Chrome is the only available finish.

Mirror Diameter7″ internal, 8″ external
Magnification1x and 5x
LightingLED. Dimmable. 3 color modes
PowerUSB rechargeable
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 13.5″
Weight1.98 Pounds
Total Dimensions1 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable. Manufacturer’s warranty ?

Lighted, 7x Magnifying, Hardwired

This is a simple yet elegant lighted makeup mirror. 7x magnification is perfect for older women, although the young will find it overkill.

The light is dimmable, operated by a switch on the base. It is however designed to be wired in to the main circuit and turn on with the room light wall switch. In my opinion, this is best done by an electrician.

It is heavy, well made, and comes in 4 finishes. It is exceptionally manoeuvrable, extending more than 13 inches.

Mirror Diameter7.5″ internal, 8.5″ external
Magnification1x and 7x
LightingLED. Dimmable
PowerHard-wired (to wall switch) – best done by tradesman
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 14″
FinishesBrushed Nickel, Brass, Bronze, Polished Chrome
Weight4.1 pounds
Total Dimensions18.9 x 2 x 14.6 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty ??

Lighted, 10x Magnifying, USB Plugin (or Hardwired) – My Choice


This is the first of our strong 10x magnifying mirrors, the essential accessory for those with poor eyesight. A slim frame and LED (“borderless design”) mean the internal diameter of the mirror is the greatest available in this group, a bonus when working at such high zoom.

It is powered by a USB plug (NOT rechargeable), and could also be hardwired. The dimmable LED lights are adjusted by holding the button on the base.

The finish is described as polished chrome, but it is really more of a brushed or satin – quite elegant. The reach is an impressive14″ fully extended.

Mirror Diameter7.75″ internal, 8.5″ external
Magnification1x and 10x
LightingLED. Dimmable
PowerUSB Plug-in or Hardwire
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 13.7″
Weight3.3 pounds
Total Dimensions16 x 8.6 x 1.06 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty – 5 year

Lighted, 10x (or 7x) Magnifying, Hardwired

This is a high quality hardwired wall mirror, available in 7x or 10 magnification, and 6 different finishes. The extension arms are solid brass, reaching to 13″ max. The mirror glass has a hydrophobic coating to minimise condensation.

The light colors are cycled by repeatedly pressing the switch. However, the brightness is not adjustable.

My main concern with this mirror is the fairly small internal diameter of 6.3″.

Mirror Diameter6.3″ internal, 8.5″ external
Magnification1x and 10x
LightingLED. 3 color modes.
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 13″
FinishesNickel, Bronze, Chrome, Brass plus more
Weight3.86 Pounds
Total Dimensions16.1 x 12.24 x 3.43 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty 5 year

5x Magnification Wall Mount Mirror (Unlighted)

If you don’t need built-in lighting, this 5x magnifying mirror by Gospire is my all-round selection. Not having a light allows a larger reflective surface, and this is one of the biggest at 8.5″. Even at 5x magnification you will be able to see your entire face.

There are hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, regarding especially the build quality, appearance, and ease of hanging.

Mirror Diameter8.5″ internal, 9″ external
Magnification1x and 5x
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 12.5″
FinishesNickel, Chrome
Weight2.45 Pounds
Total Dimensions2.32 x 13.54 x 14.92 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable 60 days (free). Manufacturer’s warranty 18 month

7x Magnification Wall Mount Mirror (Unlighted)

I’ve chosen this one for its incredible 20″ reach, courtesy of the expanding accordion arms. It is light weight and easy to fit, and would be a good choice if you have a cramped or awkwardly shaped space.

I have briefly used one that was hung in a hotel bathroom, and thought it was well-made and looked good. There are however a few on-line reviews mentioning insecure attachment of the mirror to the arm, and also excessive “play” when the arm is extended. Nevertheless, most reviews are favourable, and Jerdon are a trusted brand with free return and a 1 year warranty.

Mirror Diameter7.5″ internal, 8″ external
Magnification1x and 7x
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 20″
FinishesNickel, Chrome
Weight1 Pounds
Total Dimensions9 x 1 x 15.75 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty 1 year

8x Magnification Wall Mount Mirror (Unlighted)

This is a slightly more powerful 8x magnification mirror, great for older eyes. The extension arms give an impressive 13.5″ reach, and it is quite stable even in that fully extended position.

There is a choice of nickel or chrome finish, designed to protect against moisture in a bathroom environment.

Mirror Diameter7.5″ internal, 8″ external
Magnification1x and 8x
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 13.5″
FinishesNickel, Chrome
Weight1.75 Pounds
Total Dimensions9.5 x 1.25 x 12.5 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty 1 year

10x plus 15x Magnification Wall Mount Mirror (Unlighted)

And finally, the best high power magnifying wall mounted mirror. Inset within the 10x magnifying side is a smaller 15x magnifying spot mirror, perfect for mascara and eyeliner when your vision is no longer so good. The spot mirror is fixed but you can position it in the upper or lower part of the larger mirror by folding the arms either to the left or the right (much easier to do than to describe).

The arms are solid and stable with just the right stiffness, important when you are working under high magnification. And crucially when you are working so close, the mirror position is fully manoeuvrable, and the glass is of optical standard.

Mirror Diameter7.5″ internal, 8″ external
Magnification1x and 10x, with 15x spot mirror
Max Arm ExtensionApprox 13.5″
Weight2.31 Pounds
Total Dimensions10.5 x 1.5 x 12 inches
MountingWall Mount
WarrantyReturnable (free). Manufacturer’s warranty 1 year

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