The Best Vanity Chairs For Makeup – Reviews and Buying Guide

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There are so many available options for the best vanity stools benches and chairs, making your decision difficult, if not overwhelming. But it would be a mistake to shrug and make a random selection, thinking it will be “good enough”. You’re going to spend hours sitting on this thing, it’s worthwhile trying to get it right.

So let’s try to highlight a few of the important factors to consider, and home in on the best vanity chair for you.

How To Choose the Best Vanity Chair

Americans are spending increasing amounts of time sitting down. Six to nine hours a day on average, rising to an astonishing 15 hours a day for some office workers (source).

The average adult spends over 5 hours a week on personal grooming (source). And women spend almost an hour a day in front of a vanity mirror (source).

Vanity chair for makeup

So you can see why choosing a good vanity chair is important. As a minimum, give some thought to:

  • Chair? Stool? Or bench?
  • Your height and weight
  • The height of your vanity table
  • How comfortable the chair is 
  • The location and size of your vanity space
  • Style, color, fabric and decor

Chair, stool or bench?

Stools and benches are often cheaper, whereas chairs tend to be much more comfortable for long-term sitting. 

ProsBest backrest
Most options
More affordable
Use the least space
Wider and offer more room
ConsMost expensive optionOften not the most comfortableThe least mobile
Use the most space

Make sure you treat yourself to seating that will be comfortable for long periods, don’t just settle for the cheapest option. Your vanity is an investment and should have seating built to last long term. The lifespan of a typical chair is about five years. 

How Do I Know if a Vanity Chair Is Comfortable?

When choosing a chair, vanity or otherwise, the most important thing to consider is how comfortable it is to sit in. While I understand wanting cute furniture as much as the next person, you need to know that the chair you’re sitting in will not cause you chronic pain.

Studies show that about 40% of Americans experience lower back pain. Of those with lower back pain, about 31 million say it is chronic. Because of this, you should be wary of buying cheap chairs to save a few bucks, as pain treatment can quickly add up in cost.

Things an ideal vanity chair will have are:

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Swiveling
  • Strong material
  • Wheels or castors (if you have space to move)

Many vanity chairs are viewed as fashion items and lack the features that make office chairs comfortable to sit in for long periods it is essential to look out for position customizability, the ability to swivel, and making sure the chair is made of good material.

Chairs with lumbar support can help reduce lower back pain. Everyone’s back curves at different points depending on their height, so finding a chair that allows you to place support where it is needed is very helpful.

Another essential thing is making sure your vanity chair can support your weight. Many vanity stools and chairs are made with cheap plastics that aren’t built to last, and these chairs also lack the support of more robust materials. Finding a chair supported by strong metals and padded with nice leather or sponge should be of the utmost importance. High-end chairs will usually state the maximum recommended weight loading.

How Do I Know if a Vanity Chair Is the Right Height for Me? 

Vanity stools and chairs tend to have a seat height of about 18 to 19″ off the floor. This standard height is perfect if your vanity desk or table is approximately 30″ from the ground.

Unfortunately, not all vanities are built with the same standardized height. Standard seating for counter stool height is closer to 24″ to 26″ high. Here’s a guide on matching your chair with your dressing table:

Chair HeightSurface Height

Ideally, your vanity seating should feature an adjustable height range between 18″ and 30″ off the ground. Still, this feature is scarce and will cost you extra. 

The Best Type of Makeup Chair for Using in a Bathroom

The main concern with bathroom furniture is the need to guard against water damage, corrosion and mold. Materials such as cast aluminum and bamboo are suitable if you can find them because they are mold resistant. Plastics and enamel-coatings also work well. Many natural materials are best avoided here.

Many bathrooms are small, and you may need to move and store your chair away from traffic. This will be less of a pain if it is small and lightweight.

The Best Vanity Seating – Reviews

Now that you understand how to look for vanity seating and find out what your needs are let’s take a closer look at the chairs I’ve tried for you today. Each of these items excels in a different area, and we will go one by one to review each of their pros and cons.

Most Versatile

The Costway Vanity Chair and Duhome Armless Home Office Chair share the title of the most versatile vanity chair on today’s list.  

These two chairs are terrific options because they both manage height adjustability, have swivel options to rotate, and are outfitted with comfy padded seating on top of a more robust material inside.

What stood out to me about the Costway chair is its stylish design. It mimics a butterfly chair’s shape but has a flatter and more padded bottom, making the modern look more comfortable. The downward slope of the armrests prevents them knocking your vanity as you swivel the chair.

The height adjusts from 30.5 to 36 inches, and supports a weight of up to 330lbs.

Andrea, a reviewer on Amazon, has praised the chair’s quality. She says, “It’s perfect. It was so easy to assemble and so cute, exactly what I wanted.

The Duhome is advertised as an office chair but works equally well in your dressing room. The tiny diamanté studs add a lovely feminine glamour (although a few reviewers complained they can loosen and fall out). And while we’re mentioning the negatives, a few customers found the castor wheels were not very long lasting. Without exception though, the company is praised for its customer service and rapid replacement of defects.

If you spend a lot of time at your makeup station and appreciate luxury as well as style, then these are both solid options for you. The bevy of adjustments offered in these two chairs means they millwork whatever your vanity setup.

Best Lightweight Chair

The Mid-Century Modern Eiffel Office Chair is a beautifully minimalist vanity chair. At 18 lbs it is one of the lightest quality chairs available.

While the elegant appearance might look flimsy, it is in fact very stable, thanks to its quality materials and sound engineering design. It does not have castors, but is light enough that I could easily pick it up with one hand to move it around.

There is no option to adjust the height, the seat being set at 17 inches. This may be a little low for some people. I would suggest adding a seat cushion, both for a little more elevation, and to pad the acrylic base.

Although this chic chair arrives with multiple parts, the assembly is fairly straightforward, the only tricky part is lining up the screw holes. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Cutest Desk Chair

The DKLGG Faux Fur Desk Chair is easily the cutest chair on this list. The chair’s pink fuzzy exterior, combined with its cushiony bottom, makes it the most stand-out option as far as design goes.

But this is not a girly toy – it’s a well made ergonomic chair. The height adjusts from 16.5 to 20 inches. The 5 castors are smooth and stable.

While I think it is important to prioritize a chair’s comfort and functionality, I love that this option allows me to get the best of both worlds. This chair is incredibly comfortable, and I love that the pink faux fur works as both a pretty design choice and for making the chair softer.

It should be noted that after a couple of uses, I did get a little bit of makeup on the fur, which is a little harder to clean than some of the other sitting options here. It is possible to simply wipe the fur (which is made of acrylic) with a damp cloth, but if you are a messy girl like me, perhaps consider a different chair. Another definite problem is the shedding of the fur. While not as bad as having a cat for example in your bedroom, you will need to vacuum around your vanity fairly often.

Best Bench For Makeup

Despite its name, the IWELL Vanity Stool is more of a hybrid between a stool and a bench. I tend not to praise full-size vanity benches because they are usually too bulky, immobile and uncomfortable. But I feel this IWELL is a successful compromise.

This vanity bench has an unusual yet practical curved shape, with a well-padded seat. It is very well built of solid wood, and can support up to 330lb. The height of the seating is at 18.1 inches at the edges, a touch lower at the centre. Obviously this is not adjustable, but will pair with the commonly-found table height of around 30 inches. There are seven different colors available.

A typical Amazon review reads: “This vanity stool seat curves slightly and is lightly padded, attractive, and easy to assemble. It is very sturdy, and is made of good quality materials.”

Best for Storage

The Ornavo Home Modern Vanity Stool  is unique because it offers storage and utility that no other vanity seat on this list can provide. The Ottoman lid/seat lifts off to reveal a fairly spacious area that will hold for example; books and magazines, less commonly used beauty products and hair tools, sheets and throws etc. And as a bonus the lid is reversible allowing it to convert to a side-table.

It would of course become annoying to get up every time you want to get something out of the chair, so the storage space is best used for non-beauty related items.

The ottoman is stronger than it looks, being rated to support up to 200lb. It is covered in a luxurious padded velvet.

Many consumers have stated they use this item much more as extra storage than as a stool. It wouldn’t be the best choice if you spend hours doing your makeup routine. But if you’re pinched for space this is a versatile solution.

For a Bathroom Vanity

Last but not least, we have the Mid-Century Ghost Chair. This chair is entirely translucent, in either a clear or a smoke finish, made of UV-resistant polycarbonate. It makes a bold statement piece.

This chair is the best option for those looking for seating in their bathroom. It is completely waterproof and mold-resistant. At only 8 pounds in weight it is easily moved.

I like this Mid Century Ghost Chair because it is made with higher quality than its competition, being much thicker and able to support more weight than most other chairs of its kind (up to 200lb). I also like its trendy design having little to no curves throughout the body.

Another aspect of this chair I liked was how easy it was to set up. The chair comes in just two pieces.

One small gripe I did have with this sophisticated chair is that it was a bit prone to smudging and fingerprints. Even after only a few days of use, I found that about half of the backing was covered in smudges and was not nearly as nice looking as when I first bought it. Fortunately these wipe off easily with a simple damp cloth, the glossy finish returning without needing special cleaning product.

The other drawback is that the seat has no padding, and can be sticky and sweaty on bare legs. I solved this by temporarily placing a folded bathroom towel on the seat.

The Best Vanity Seating

There is no single best option, but there is a best option chair for you. Think carefully about your needs. And make sure that before you buy any of these options, you take the time to measure your desk, as it is essential to find a sitting height that matches. 

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