The Best Trifold Mirrors – Versatile and Glamorous

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Tri-fold mirrors are a versatile “three for the price of one” option, and should be a foundation of your vanity setup.

I’ve done the hard work of reviewing all the top trifold mirrors to find ones with great reviews that meet your needs. Not only do they have large viewing areas and adjustable angles, but they also come in various styles that are sure to match any bathroom or bedroom decor.

What is a Trifold Mirror?

A trifold mirror has 3 separate mirrors joined by hinged panels. The three panels of a trifold mirror can be adjusted to create different angles, which can be helpful when trying to get a good view of your reflection from different angles. They come in a huge range of sizes and designs, from smaller travel mirrors for makeup, to full-length wall or free-standing floor mirrors for dressing and as a decorative statement.

Multiple tri-fold mirrors on a vanity table

Trifold mirrors are a great space-saving option for your bedroom or vanity. They’re also ideal for those with limited bathroom space since you can fold them up when not in use.

Benefits of a Trifold Mirror

  • Magnification: Trifold mirrors allow users to view details like foundation application and brow grooming. Many have enhanced magnification to see small details. 
  • Storage: Trifold mirrors fold flat for easy storage, and some are small enough to take with you on the road.
  • Hands-Free: Trifold mirrors allow you to see all sides of your face and head without holding a separate mirror.
  • Energy-Efficient: Because many trifold mirrors have built-in lights, threefold mirrors can reduce energy costs by eliminating the need for separate lighting.
  • Clear reflection: Usually made of high quality optical glass.
  • Design: Can make a stunning statement in the home.

Drawbacks to a Trifold Mirror

A trifold mirror offers many benefits, including standing upright by itself. However, there are some things you should consider before making your decision.

  • Traveling: Even small trifold mirrors are difficult to travel with because they take up a lot of space in a bag or luggage.
  • Power Source: If the trifold mirror lights up, you need access to a power outlet or fresh batteries if traveling.
  • Multiple different magnifications can be difficult to get used to – your working distance needs to change depending which panel you’re looking into.
  • Full size mirrors can be seriously heavy.

Best Trifold Mirrors

Trifold mirrors are lifesavers. I have 2 on my dressing table, and a 3rd standing on the floor.

I’ve rounded up some of my very favorite trifold mirrors. Whether you’re looking for an unlighted tabletop smart mirror that lets you see yourself from every angle or a wall-mounted floor-length model that’s great for getting ready in front of, there’s something here for everyone!

Best Trifold Mirror – Editor’s Pick

The Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror by Fancii is the best trifold for makeup. It provides all the light, magnification and viewing area you need to get ready quickly while still looking glamorous. And it doubles as a great travel mirror.

Best Trifold Makeup Mirror

Fancii Zora trifold makeup magnifying mirror

Discount coupons are often offered when buying direct from Fancii, but also sold through Amazon.

With its three-light settings and seamless dimming technology, this mirror imitates the look of different times of the day, so you can be sure you look amazing at any time. It also has a built-in touch screen, so you can control your mirror’s brightness and dimming with a finger’s tap.

The 5x and 7x magnifications make it ideal for detailed work such as lashes and mascara. And the rechargeable batteries offer a greener option for powering the device because they last up to 13 hours of use with a full charge.

The options for positioning and viewing angles are very versatile. As expected, the side panels can be opened to any angle. But on top of that the stand allows tilting, swivelling and full 360-degree rotation. I like using it on its “side” – rotated 90 degrees with the magnifying panels on the bottom.

This vanity makeup mirror stands 32 cm tall and 35 cm wide. It’s mounted to a cosmetic organizer base for storage of makeup and jewelry!

In terms of downsides, the lights are limited to the center section, not the two smaller side sections. In practice, the LEDs are bright enough to light your face even when looking in the side panels, so this is not a real issue. The rechargeable battery doesn’t hold charge well when not in use, so it’s a bit annoying when travelling to find it’s dead when you unpack it. Having said that, you can use the mirror from USB cable at the same time as recharging, so again not a big deal.

Otherwise, this is a real winner for makeup application.

Weight2 lbs
External Dimensions7.09 x 12.01 x 4.25 inches (closed)
Mirror Width13.8 inch total viewing area when open
Magnification1x (central and 1 side panel), 5x and 7x in 1 side panel
Lighting60 LED bulbs, dimmable, 3 colors (3500K, 5000K, 6500K), touch control
PowerRechargeable Li-ion battery (included) + USB (adapter not included)
WarrantyReturnable. 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Budget Makeup Trifold Mirror

This makeup mirror by Easehold has many (not all) of the same features, but at a budget price. This photo is of an older model I have had for years and which is still going strong. So although the build quality and materials are not as premium as the Fancii above, I can confirm it is still a well-made and durable product. The current model looks very similar to the Fancii but with only a 2x and a 3x magnifying mirror in the side panel. These are not powerful enough for me – I prefer at least 5x for details such as brows and eyeliner. It does have stepless dimming, but no option to change the light color temperature.

Leasehold Magnifying Dimmable

Leasehold budget makeup mirror

The light can be powered by both a USB cable or replaceable AAA batteries (x4). Note these are not rechargeable. The LED lights are noticeably brighter when plugged in.

The mirror tilts through 180 degrees, and is stable in any position. It is more lightweight and portable compared to the Fancii.

The base has a storage tray which is useful for small frequently used items such as lipstick.

Leasehold makeup mirror
Easehold trifold vanity mirror in rose gold

This LED mirror loses out to the Fancii in terms of features, magnifying power, rechargeability and luxury feel. If these don’t bother you, it’s an excellent choice for an affordable trifold makeup mirror.

Best Large Tabletop Smart Mirror

The Vanity Trifold Makeup Mirror by Fenchilin is the best large tabletop mirror you can place on your dresser or other furniture. It is a new generation of cosmetic mirrors with a trifold design that allows you to see yourself from every possible angle.

All three light modes–natural daylight, warm white light, and cold light–will take the place of walking around your house, trying to find the best light to do your makeup in! It has a simple touch screen interface and a 180-degree rotation for perfect viewing.

They say this is a smart mirror, and they aren’t kidding! It has a memory function that remembers he last brightness level and will return it to that setting the next time you turn it on.

The 11.81 x 16.14-inch tri-fold mirror has a total width of 23 inches when fully expanded, making it perfect for applying cosmetics before work—no more squinting in the rearview mirror! The folding design also helps prevent dust buildup and scratches.

I love the color light modes on this trifold mirror and the smart screen. 

The only thing I wish was different is the mirror itself doesn’t have magnification. Instead, it comes with a small 10x suction cup mirror. If you add this attachment to the trifold, you won’t be able to close it fully—and it seems like that’s when said suction cup will most likely get lost.

Best Unlighted Trifold Mirror

I have two favorites for unlighted trifold mirrors.

My first choice is the Hannah Frameless Modern Contemporary Tri-fold. It is a beautifully elegant piece meant to brighten up your home and the perfect way to transform any room in a few seconds. With its modern frameless design and unique shape, this mirror is a great way to add some style and functionality to any room. 

The sturdy construction of this mirror allows you to move it when needed, and the 13-pound weight makes it stand firmly on its own. The trifold mirror’s back, bottom, and sides are all covered in fabric to prevent it from scratching surfaces.

The mirror is 23 inches high and 32.5 inches long, with the middle mirror measuring 16 inches wide and each side mirror 8 inches wide. The tallest point is 23″ when measured at its center.

This clean vanity mirror is a lovely piece of art that will look great on your side table. The only downside is that the side mirrors have a limited range of motion, and you need to find the right angle for the piece not to topple over.

Once you set it up, I know you will enjoy this vanity piece as much as I do.

The Tripoli Trifold Vanity by Howard Elliot is my next choice for the best unlighted trifold mirror. Add an elegant accent piece to any room with the Howard Elliott Tripoli Trifold Vanity. Boasting clean lines and a beveled frame, this versatile accent piece makes this vanity an essential addition to your home.

This tri-fold tabletop mirror features two mirrored doors and folds for easy storage. At 31 inches wide and 21 inches tall, this mirror measures 35 pounds. The mirror measures 1 inch deep when closed—but it’s beautiful enough that you may not want to close it!

I wish this vanity mirror had a wall mount option. It’s large and sturdy, but it would have been better if they included the hardware to hang it on a wall. Unless you’re handy with tools, though—or know someone who is—it’s better to leave it on top of your vanity.

Best Wall-Mounted Trifold Mirror

The Houseables Wall-Mounted Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror is my choice for the best wall-mounted trifold mirror. It’s a beautiful addition to your vanity table or wall. With its beveled edges and chrome hinges, this large radiant mirror folds away for easy storage when not in use. It includes mounting hardware for hanging on your wall.

This elegant wall mirror is 31″ tall by 21″ wide and can be mounted on your wall or displayed on any table. The microfiber suede material protects your walls from damage while maintaining a chic appearance.

The pre-drilled mounting holes on the center panel are convenient for easy hanging. If mounted on a wall, however—and if its side panels aren’t firmly in place against it—the frame may sag or warp over time due to gravity’s pull.

Best Full-Length Floor Trifold Mirror

Turn your hallway or dressing room into an elegant space with the Full Body Trifold Dressing Mirror by BrandtWorks, my choice for the best full-body mirror. With a black frame and rubbed finish, this mirror complements any style or décor. You can use this in any room for instant style with three full-length mirrors and durable construction.

This trifold mirror measures 32 inches wide and 71 inches tall, making it the largest freestanding piece on this list. It weighs an impressive 155 pounds, so it might be difficult to move the side mirrors once you have it placed. If you have the space, this is a gorgeous mirror for your bedroom!

Depending on your needs, the best trifold for you could be any of these. That’s why I have 3 of them!

How Do You Use a Trifold Mirror?

Trifold mirrors are easy to set up. Simply open both sides of the mirror, then move around and adjust the mirror until you’ve found your best angle. If you want to look at your face from different angles, take a few seconds before beginning your beauty routine to set up your trifold mirror.

If the trifold mirror has a built-in light, press the touch screen or button to turn it on. Many trifold mirrors with lights have dimming options or light temperature options. Select the brightness and light temperature that suits you best.

Light temperatures usually include warm lights that are yellow and incandescent-like, cool lights that have a bluish color, and natural light which is white with no tint. You can also use a trifold mirror to apply makeup with precision by using one of its sides as a magnifying glass. Trifold magnification mirrors are ideal for those who wear glasses and want a closer look at their face.

To see your hair from different angles, including the back, adjust the mirror sides to see reflections of all parts of your head.

When you are done using your lighted tri fold mirror, be sure to turn off its light and fold it back into its storage position. You can then store it in a makeup bag or case for travel.

Large, unlighted mirrors do not need to be closed because they stay as decorative features in a room.

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