Best Hollywood Vanity Mirrors (Buying Guide)

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hollywood mirror glamour

Bring out your movie star with some Hollywood glamour lighting!

Glamour is assurance. It is a kind of knowing that you are all right in every way, mentally and physically and in appearance … ”

– Marlene Dietrich

How To Choose A Great Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights

There’s a huge range of Hollywood mirrors on the market, so here are a few factors to consider.

Start by thinking about the size. Measure your vanity workspace, and check the actual dimensions of your chosen mirror – advertising pictures can be deceptive. In general, I suggest going for the biggest mirror you can fit. Not only is a more full length mirror useful in checking out your entire look rather than just makeup, but it will make a dramatic and sophisticated statement in your room.

Next think about the style. Different finishes and materials, shape, design, bulb style and positioning, with or without a frame etc. Also consider whether you will stand it on your dressing table, or mount on a wall. And just to bring you back to earth, how easy will it be to clean and polish?

Most modern Hollywoods use LED lighting, which can be in-built or changeable. LED lights will last “for ever”, but screw-in bulbs, even if you never actually change them, do add a certain retro aesthetic to your bedroom. Do you want a dimmer control (yes) or multi-color settings?

How about technology? Power outlets, phone USB charger, Bluetooth, stereo speakers, voice control can all be had.

I’ve mentioned budget last. The sticker price of the high end models can come as a shock – “how much for a mirror?!”. Before automatically going for the cheapest, do bear in mind that this is a one-off purchase that will last for years. And as we’ll see, it’s far more than a mirror. But if times really are hard, you could take a look at stick-on lights for your mirror.

A large flat mirror surrounded by many low power light bulbs, designed to give shadow-free lighting for makeup.

In the 1920’s incandescent light bulbs were only recently available, and Hollywood movie stars sitting at their vanities were marketed as the image of glamour.

They are the best mirrors for your beauty routine, due to the diffused soft quality of the light. Although you might also need an additional spot mirror for magnification.

There are 2 options. You can build one yourself DIY by fitting light bulb sockets into a wooden framed mirror. An easier method is to buy a lighting strip or bar, and drape or stick it to the glass.

Definitely. A Hollywood mirror (although initially expensive) will reward you with perfect makeup, low running costs, will make you feel like a screen goddess, and will last for years.

The one that best suits your personal requirements in term of cost, size, style, and features. Read on!

Best Hollywood Mirrors – High-End

Large Frameless

This is an expensive mirror … that is worth every cent as a once in a lifetime purchase. It will pay you back in good vibes every time you sit in front of it.

Impressions Hollywood Premiere

Fifteen bulbs make the lighting completely diffused and shadow-free, essential for professional makeup application. The brightness is touch-control dimmable, super bright at the maximum setting. The manufacturer advises using only their own brand (expensive) replacement bulbs. I think you can safely ignore this and use any generic bulb of the correct rating (screw-in, max 24V). However, as LED bulbs usually last 1000’s of hours you may never need to worry about this.

The mirrored surface itself is of course flawless and completely distortion free. There is a second 3x magnifying mirror which is magnetic and can be positioned wherever suits. (I suggesting finding the position that works best for you, and then leaving it alone to avoid fingerprints and smudges on the glass).

But it’s so much more than a vanity mirror – it’s a 21st century device and entertainment hub. On the side are two discreet power outlets (for plugging in hairdryers and the like), along with 2 USB outlets (for recharging your phone or additional high power magnifying mirror). Then there are the integrated bluetooth stereo speakers, of surprising quality and volume considering their small size. These are paired and controlled through the backlit LED display and touch control buttons at the bottom of the mirror. The LED display itself is programmable, and includes time and temperature.

The mirror itself is 43.25 x 31.5 inches, and a slim 2.5 inches in depth (45.25 x 32.25 x 12.75 with the included base). It is completely stable on a desktop or slaystation. It comes with hardware for wall-mounting. Although, at a weight of 67 lbs, I would recommend wall mounting only if there is a strong wall stud to drill into.

I have few criticisms of this beautiful product. The colour of the light can only be altered by changing the bulbs themselves, rather than electronically. This is irrelevant for most of us. I could also mention that the secondary 3x magnification mirror might not be strong enough for seniors, or detailed work like eyeliner. Solutions are to buy another magnetic (better than suction cup IMO) mirror at higher power (here’s one at 15x), or use a separate magnifying makeup mirror standing on the dresser top. These minor gripes don’t prevent this being the best vanity mirror currently available.

Large with Frame

Here’s my suggestion for those who prefer a framed mirror for a more traditional movie-star look. This ReignCharm has similar details to the Impressions above, although smaller in size, reflected in its lower cost. The external dimensions are 32 inches wide by 27 high, plenty big enough for a typical vanity table. The mirrored surface is 24 x 21.

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

The 12 LED bulbs are cool in both temperature and color, perfect for flawless makeup results. The bulb sockets have a sophisticated chrome edging giving a luxurious feel (unlike cheaper models which have plastic sockets poorly mounted on fibreboard).

Feature list includes:

  • Makeup light dimmer switch
  • Dual USB & Dual Standard Outlets
  • Stereo speakers, controlled by touch-screen or Bluetooth
  • Standing base and wall mounting kit included
  • Free shipping, return and warranty
  • UL Certified for Safety

The only thing missing is a seperate magnifying mirror for detail work.

Small Hollywood Mirror

If you’re short on space, but don’t want to compromise on Hollywood style and glamour, then this is my choice for you. It has an astonishing set of features, including some not found on more expensive lighted makeup mirrors.

iHome Hollywood Vanity PRO

Not only are the mirror lights dimmable, but they have 3 color settings (white daylight, soft evening, and warm office), so you know exactly how you will look in different environments. These modes are adjusted by the touch screen display. The LED bulbs are inbuilt and cannot be changed, but have an estimated lifespan of 16 years.

There is full Bluetooth integration, meaning as well as stereo speakers for music you can also take voice calls and connect to Siri/Google Assistant.

The mirror itself is 16 inches in height by 12 wide (big enough to see face hair and shoulders), raised another 3 inches by the base, which allows rotation to different angles. A separate 10x magnifying spot mirror is included. The entire package has a sleek contemporary feel.

In terms of downsides, be aware there is only a single USB port, and no mains power outlets. It cannot be wall-mounted.

I think this is the best value full-featured makeup station you can buy, and the reviews on Amazon agree!

Wall Mounted

Most of my featured mirrors come both with a stand and with a wall mounting kit, including this one. Yet I think this Wayking works particularly well fixed to the wall. It’s huge (31 x 24 inches) but weighs a manageable 34 lbs. The rigid metal frame and backing means you don’t have to worry about it buckling or distorting.

WAYKING Lighted Vanity Mirror

There are 18 LEDs built in which will never need replacing, and which are bright enough to light a football stadium. Fortunately there is stepless dimming via the touch screen, along with 3 different color temperatures (6500K, 4000K, 2700K).

There are no Bluetooth or speakers, but there is a USB port for charging your phone. Also, there is no separate magnetic spot mirror. In this case I don’t think this is a drawback. If the mirror is wall mounted then, due to the short focal distance of a magnifying mirror, you would need to uncomfortably lean in across the desk. The solution is to buy a separate small magnifying mirror to stand on the vanity top. I would suggest saving money and getting one without lighting – the brightness from the Wayking is more than enough.

I have tips on how to wall mount a mirror here.

Top Cheap Hollywood Mirrors

Best Large

Luxfurni make quality vanity makeup mirrors whose classy appearance belies their reasonable price, earning 1000’s of positive reviews on Amazon.

LUXFURNI Hollywood Lighted Mirror

Luxfurni Hollywood vanity mirror

This Hollywood mirror has all the most important features you would look for in a modern mirror:

  • 18 LED bulbs, adjustable brightness
  • 4 different light color settings
  • Touch control with setting memory
  • Detachable base plus wall hanging
  • 3x detachable magnifying mirror
  • Beautiful packaging
  • 1 yr warranty
Luxfurni best large hollywood mirror

The lighting is of course specifically geared towards makeup application. It’s bright (up to 2090 Lumens) with stepless dimming. There are 4 color temperature options, from a warm 3800K to daylight 6500K.

Luxfurni best large hollywood mirror

I have 3 minor complaints.

It’s a shame there is no USB recharging outlet.

There is an auto-off energy saving feature which turns out the lights after about 15 minutes. It’s ridiculously irritating to have to reach forward to turn it back on. First world problems!

And a 3x zoom mirror (although very nice to have it included) is barely powerful enough for detailed work such as eyebrows. 5x to 10x would be better.

I would recommend the biggest one you can fit on your vanity desk. It gives a much better aesthetic to the room. This one is 26 x 21 inches, smaller sizes are available.

Best Small

Isn’t this cute!

LUXFURNI Round Makeup Mirror

Luxfurni hollywood vanity mirror with lights

It does not have speakers or a phone charging port, and cannot be hung on the wall. But it does have:

  • 12 bright LED bulbs (3W) – dimmable
  • 3 light colors (warm evening to cool sunlight)
  • Smart touch control display
  • A glamorous and stable stand
  • 90 degree tilting
  • Easy assembly
  • Free shipping and return
  • 1 year warranty

If you get a good one (most people do!), you’ll be delighted with this little beauty. There are a handful of reviews complaining about faulty lighting, either on unpacking or malfunctioning soon after arrival. I can reliably state Luxfurni customer service are excellent, and will do their best to make things right.

The reflective surface of mirror measures just over 12 x 8 inches, big enough for a full head and shoulders view. With the stand the top of the mirror is about 20 inches above the tabletop. For some people this might be a little low, causing you to stoop over. This is easily fixed by buying a makeup organizer drawer (they’re not expensive), which will raise the mirror a few inches and neatly store your foundation, mascara and other items.

The packaging and unboxing experience is quite simply beautiful. It would make a great gift.

See The Most Popular

There are hundreds of slightly different Hollywood mirrors available, differing in size, style, and features. Rather than attempting to cover them all, I would like to recommend 2 manufacturers, and then point you to all their mirrors together on a single page. This should make it easy for you to choose just the right one for you.

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