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Reflecting Beauty

Looking for a flawless reflection?

Start here: my reviews of the best magnifying makeup mirrors. And if you want only one, my top pick is the simplehuman Sensor mirror. Learn everything there is to know on choosing and using magnifying mirrors here.

If you need a little glamour in your life, there’s no better place to start than a Hollywood vanity mirror, or a chic makeup compact.

And if you’re renovating your home, that’s the perfect time to fit a sophisticated wall-mounted makeup mirror.

Fancii Zora trifold makeup magnifying mirror

The Best Trifold Mirrors – Versatile and Glamorous

Tri-fold mirrors are a versatile “three for the price of one” option, and should be a foundation of your vanity setup. I’ve done the hard work of reviewing all the top trifold mirrors to find ones with great reviews that meet your needs. Not only do they have large viewing areas and adjustable angles, but…

Fix this messy vanity with a makeup organizer

No Space for Makeup? Here’s the Storage Guide You Need

Whether the issue is too little space or too many products, finding a way to store all your makeup is hard. Trust me, I have spent too many hours trying to fit my makeup in vanities and small shelves. That’s why I’ve created this ultimate guide to makeup storage for small spaces. After reading this…

The single best makeup mirror - Simplehuman sensor.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review – The Only Makeup Mirror You Need

If you’ve read some of my other articles on FlawlessReflexion, you’ll understand why I believe everyone should have 4 (yes that’s FOUR) makeup mirrors in the home. But we’re not all at that point in our lives. Perhaps limited by space or funds, right now, we’re only looking for one mirror. In my twenties, I…

Hand held mirrors are essential for hair styling and makeup

Best Handheld Mirrors – Buying Guide 2024

I agree mirrors might not be the most exciting item in the world to shop for, but they’re an indispensable part of our daily beauty routines. Remember, a good mirror can last a lifetime, so it’s worth getting it right the first time.
Today, we’re going to help take some of the guesswork out of shopping to select the best handheld mirror for your vanity.

Add a home lighting kit to your makeup mirror

The Best Lighting for Your Makeup Vanity – Tips From the Experts

Lighting for makeup application is the key to your ultimate beauty success. Many things go into achieving a #flawless look, such as the right makeup products and lots of practice. But lighting can mean the difference between too much and too little, between clown-face and Plain Jane.  Finding the best lighting for your makeup vanity can…

Makeup brushes and vanity mirror

9 Tips to Master Your Makeup Mirror

If I asked you about your beauty essentials, I bet a vanity mirror is not the first thought that comes to mind. Foundation yes, mascara obviously; but a mirror? Consider though, even if your fairy godmother sent you some caviar-infused La Prairie (check it out – you won’t believe the price), how are you going…

Eyeliner needs a magnifying mirror

Choosing and Using a Magnifying Mirror – A Makeup Artist’s Ultimate Guide to Closeup Perfection

You are sloppy, incompetent and a bit of a loser. This is the subliminal message you send when you head out with roughly blended contour and uneven lip-liner. And the best way to fix this is to apply your makeup with a magnifying mirror. I’ve had plenty of experience using a variety of magnification mirrors,…

Mirrors for the Home

Vanity chair for makeup

The Best Vanity Chairs For Makeup – Reviews and Buying Guide

There are so many available options for the best vanity stools benches and chairs, making your decision difficult, if not overwhelming. But it would be a mistake to shrug and make a random selection, thinking it will be “good enough”. You’re going to spend hours sitting on this thing, it’s worthwhile trying to get it…

Narcissus with his reflection in water

The Fascinating History of Mirrors: Reflections Through the Ages

In Western society and beyond, people who look in the mirror too often are generally considered vain or prideful.  In reality, mirrors have vital links to our development and sense of self. They’re even used in psychology to help people with painful body image issues.  It doesn’t matter if you’re constantly checking out your reflection…

The Many Meanings of Breaking A Mirror – Superstition and Symbolism

The Many Meanings of Breaking A Mirror – Superstition and Symbolism

If you live in a culture with heavy superstitions, you have definitely heard them all before. Step on a crack, and you’ll break your mother’s back, spill the salt, and you’ve got to throw some over your shoulder quickly, and another old favorite: break a mirror, and you just bought yourself seven years of bad…

Hair tools and Products

Revlon - the best blower-dryer brush

The Best Hair Dryer Volumizer Brush | Hands on Review

Do you own a hair dryer, straightening irons, and curling tongs? A hair dryer brush can replace all three, save you tons of time, and blowout your hair like we’re back in the 90’s. Who needs a hot air brush? Presuming you’re not a professional hairstylist trained in “pull and wrap” blowouts, this is your…

GHD Unplugged hair straightener in heat resistant case

The Best Hair Straighteners; GHD Unplugged Vs Original and Platinum+

I’ve used GHD hair straighteners for 15 years, and would probably run back into a burning house to save my Original Classic. And I once missed a flight, turning the car around when I realised I had forgotten to pack them. They are quite simply the best flat irons available, and guarantee a Good Hair…

I’ve made all sorts of makeup mistakes over the years, but the biggest has been trying to get by without a decent mirror.

Eventually I learned; if your vanity is not setup properly, it is impossible to look your best.

So check out these articles, and let me help you avoid the same expensive and embarrassing mistakes.