Best Over Door Hanging Mirrors – Style for Less

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Over the door mirrors are not just for college dorm rooms. Sure, they are a clever solution for making the most of small spaces. But modern versions can also add style and light, enhancing any room.

The idea is to suspend a vanity mirror from hangers which hook over the top of a door. These take all the weight of the mirror, so there’s no need to drill permanent fittings into walls. This is a great solution for students, renters, and those of us who are DIY-challenged.

Best Over-Door Mirrors – My Choices

Here is a shortlist of affordable yet stylish hanging mirrors, which are specifically designed for hanging over a door.

Luxfurni Mirror Cabinet ~MOST VERSATILE

One of the typical reasons for looking at over the door mirrors is a shortage of space, and/or living in temporary accomodation. In that case, why not make your mirror earn its keep by doubling up as a makeup and jewelry cabinet, and a lighted makeup mirror, as well as a full-length mirror?

And that’s just what this hanging mirrored jewelry cabinet is designed for.

  • 44 inch door mirror
  • Smaller internal mirror (to be used when the door is open)
  • 200+ padded slots for rings and earrings
  • 30+ hooks for necklaces and bangles
  • LED light strips (auto on/off)
  • 4 tough acrylic drawers for makeup, plus shelves with retaining bars
  • Cosmetic bag which can be removed for travel
  • Lockable

It is barely 4″ deep, so doesn’t take up any space. Yet it is very well designed with 5 shelves, 4 small drawers, and enough hooks and slots for over a hundreds of items of jewelry. The internal mirror is surrounded by LED downlighters which turn on automatically when the door is opened, making a gorgeous display as the light plays across your rings. These are battery powered, so no need to worry about a power cable.

No assembly required apart from screwing in the hangers to the back of the armoire. The hooks are adjustable to 2 different heights. The cabinet itself is preassembled. It is well made, of solid wood and glass. A wall-mounting kit is included.

Showing excellent attention to detail, there are small felt covers for the screws to prevent scratches on the door paint. Also included are stick-on velcro strips for the bottom of the cabinet. Do use these – when full the armoire is heavy. You don’t want it swing around when the door is closed.

Soft caps to cover the screws. Nice touch.

In terms of criticisms, It is not moisture resistant and wouldn’t work well in a bathroom. The door is held closed by a strong magnet, which needs some force to open when new. You can “weaken” it by covering in a couple of layers of tape if necessary. There are also a few reports of the door warping so it doesn’t stay closed (maybe due to moisture damage?).

Over door hanging mirror with jewelry armoire.

Luxfurni are the most popular seller of jewelry armoires on Amazon, with thousands of 5 stars reviews. Similar designs are available from other manufacturers, but the reviews suggest these alternatives do not have the same attention to small details and durable construction.

As a final bonus. the packaging and unboxing experience is delicious. You could send one directly as a gift.

Luxfurni occasionally offer discounts, so I would suggest checking out their website directly.

Weight24 lbs
Total Dimensions47.2″ H x 14.6″ W x 3.8″ D (without hooks)
Mirror Internal Diameter44″ H x 11″ W
Hook SizeAdjustable (2 positions)
LightingLED internal lights. 6x AAA batteries, not included
ColorsWhite, Brown. Occasionally Antique and Black can be found.
WarrantyFree return
AssemblyScrew hooks into predrilled slots. Armoire is pre-assembled.

Whitebeach Full Length Door Mirror

My next pick is a great example of a purposely designed over-the-door mirror. Some other mirrors offering door mounting are in fact just a random floor mirror with a couple of hooks. Not this one.

Its many neat features include:

  • Soft velcro pads to prevent scuffing and banging
  • Shatter-proof glass
  • Rear membrane to prevent damage
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant (OK for bathrooms)
  • True silver-backed optical mirror

It is very well packed for safe shipping. The only adverse comments online were from a couple of customers who did not receive the hardware. I presume customer service will have sent more, but in the unlikely event of this not happening let me know and I’ll try to help.

The only assembly required is to screw the hooks onto the back of the frame. The correct site for these is pre-drilled so it’s very easy to do. Using these, the height is fixed. You could adjust this yourself by carefully drilling new holes. The hangers are very slim and should fit almost any door. You also have the option of using it as a wall mirror with the included wall mounting accessories.

4 colours are available: Black, Gold, White, and Walnut.

Weight9.26 lbs
Total Dimensions54.7″L (inc hooks) x 15.9″W x 0.6″
Mirror Internal Diameter47″ x 15″
Hook Size7.5″H x 1.8″D
ColorsBlack, Gold, White, and Walnut
WarrantyFree return
AssemblyAttach hangers (4 screws) + stick-on pads

Do you agree this is a very elegant glass mirror, slightly different to the average white rectangle? It’s available in 6 colors, and I would suggest, rather than trying to blend in the hangers, you go for a contrast with the door color.

It’s also slightly taller than average (55″). The extra inches are worth having if you don’t have room to step further away from the mirror, yet still want a true full-length reflection.

MCS have a “No Tools Required” hanging system – you simply push the hooks into prefixed brackets on the mirror. This also allows simple adjustment of the hanging height.

The only complaint about this mirror (but it’s a big one) is that the build quality seems variable. If you get a good one, then this is a gorgeous mirror at a great price. But there are a few complaints about image distortion.

Weight20.8 lbs
Total Dimensions55″L x 17.2″W x 0.6″ (without hooks)
Mirror Internal Diameter54.6″ x 16.8″
Hook SizeAdjustable
ColorsBlack, White, Blush, Acqua, Silver, and Brass
WarrantyFree return
Assembly“No Tools Required” 

This is my top selection – the over door mirror for women who have left the college dorm behind. It exudes adult sophistication and quality, yet carries a student price tag.

This frameless mirror has inbuilt LED lighting, touch controlled, step-less dimming, with a smart memory for the last used brightness setting. There are 3 color options (cool white – best for daytime makeup; warm white – for evening; and yellow, which I would use for bedroom ambient lighting).

Build quality is impressive. Aluminium frame, rivets, sturdy engineering – no glue and staples here! It is waterproof and can be used over a bathroom door. Yet makes a stylish addition to your living room. The mirror is of optical quality shatterproof glass. It ships with a film to protect the surface, and lots of styrofoam padding.

I can’t come up with any real cons. Remember it needs plugging in, so you need a convenient power outlet, and to think about hiding the cable.

The manufacturer is so confident that they offer a full refund without insisting on a return. You have nothing to lose!

Weight13.6 lbs
Total Dimensions47″L x 14.5″W x 0.8″ (without hooks)
Mirror Internal Diameter46.5″ x 14″
Hook Size12′ x 2″ approx
LightingLED in 3 colors. Smart touch control. AC adapter.
ColorsWhite (Black and Silver WITHOUT lights)
WarrantyFree refund – no return necessary.
AssemblyScrew hooks into predrilled slots.

If you don’t fancy using a door hanger, but still want to use the dead space behind the door, here is your solution. Support it from the existing door hinges! The manufacturer says you can do this in a few minutes without specialist tools. I think they’re being a little optimistic, but I do think you (and a helper) are up to the challenge. I strongly recommend reading the installation instructions (pdf) and checking out this video:

This is the “Classic” without a mirror. The installation is identical.

Once installed, I think you will be impressed with this unit. There are thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Most comment on the premium build quality and appearance. The enamelling looks beautiful and is water resistant, suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen.

This really is a full length mirror – all 70 inches of it. And behind is enough storage space for all your products, hair accessories, jewelry, and smaller tools. There are 8 shelves, 6 of them adjustable height.

The few negative reviews are mainly from people who failed to check they had sufficient clearance from a corner wall (Cabidor state 3.5″, I think 4″ would be safer). The striker plate and magnet are stick-on, and there are reports of them being pulled off.

Weight33 lbs
Total Dimensions70 x 16 x 4.12 inches
Mirror Internal DiameterSame (frameless)
Hook SizeN/A
WarrantyFree return
AssemblyCabinet is pre-assembled, but hanging mechanism requires installing

Tips For Buying and Hanging Over-Door Mirrors

  • Choose as large a mirror as will fit (at least 45 x 15 inches). The less floor space you have in front of the mirror, the more important it is to have a tall mirror (so you can see a floor length reflection without stepping back).
  • Look for shatterproof glass and a high quality reflection
  • Remember the hanging straps will be visible – from both sides of the door. Buy a matching (or contrasting) color. You could always paint them yourself to match your decor.
Hangers are visible from both sides of the door
  • In choosing where to hang it, consider:
  • ambient lighting (small spaces are often dark)
  • power outlets for hairdryer etc
  • nearby storage (for tools, makeup, jewlery, clothes)
  • Remember you can also use the inside surface of the door eg closets
Try a closet door?
  • To stop the mirror swinging on the hooks and banging when the door is opened, add velcro strips behind the bottom edge
  • If the hooks are deeper than the door thickness and are moving around, then either screw the straps vertically into the top surface of the door, or add felt pads behind the hooks and mirror to make a snug fit.
Pad this space to stop movement

Disadvantages of Over Door Mirrors

Scuffing from the hanger
  • The hangers are visible
  • The mirror can swing slightly, making a banging noise and scuffing the front surface of the door
  • The hangers can scratch the top edge of the doors as they hook over

Advantages of Door Hanging Mirrors

  • Great for space-saving (and decluttering)
  • Avoids a tricky wall-mounting
  • Can reflect light and add a design aesthetic to small dim spaces
  • Can be as tall as you for a head to toe reflection

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